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- Гадаадад зорчиход анхаарах зүйлс        - Монголын иргэд хилийн чанадад зорчих визийн нөхцөл        - Visa application form


The Cold War which dominated international relations since the end of World War II has come to an end, the mutually opposing bipolar world structure has collapsed and a process of forming a new international order is gaining momentum. In line with trends of advancing human society, in particular with requirements of economic and technological progress, the nations of the world are drawing closer together, and conditions for enhancing their relationship are taking shape. The disintegration of the world socialist system and the Soviet Union has dramatically changed the external situation of Mongolia which used to be aligned with them. The major changes taking place in Mongolia's two neighbouring countries have a direct impact on its external environment. The restructuring and reforming of the country's political, social and economic systems provide it with favorable conditions for conducting a foreign policy based on realism and according priority to its national interests. Based on these external and internal factors, the concept of Mongolia's foreign policy is defined as follows.

# Article Title Hits
1 I. General provisions 1098
2 II. Mongolia`s foreign policy in the political field 1218
3 III. Economic foreign policy 1129
4 IV. Foreign policy in science and technology 1078
5 V. Cultural and humanitarian foreign policy 1130