Mongolia, Japan pursue economic ties Хэвлэх
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2012 оны 3-р сарын 22, Пүрэв гариг, 03:05

Joint announcement on the initiation of negotiations for establishing the Mongolia - Japan economic partnership agreement by the Mongolian and the Japanese Prime Ministers
1. The Prime Minister of Mongolia, His Excellency Mr. Batbold Sukhbaatar and the Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency Mr. Yoshihiko Noda met in Tokyo on 12 March, 2012.

2. While welcoming development of the existing close and friendly relations in various areas, including trade and investment that have been fostered through fruitful cooperation over the years, the two leaders acknowledged the importance of further increasing trade and investment between the two countries from the viewpoint of developing mutually beneficial and complementary relations through close collaboration, broad business ties and sharing of expertise.


3. Furthermore, recalling the establishment of a Joint Study Group for Mongolia - Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, members of which were comprised of delegates from business, academic and government circles, the two leaders recognized the discussions and achievements made therein, and welcomed the Report of the Joint Study Group completed in March, 2011

4. Taking into account the complementary structures of the two economies, the two leaders shared the view that the conclusion of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Mongolia and Japan, which will be the first free trade agreement for Mongolia, will not only contribute to strengthening the existing political and economic ties between the two countries, but also become one of the significant steps in building Mongolia-Japan “Strategic Partnership”.

5. Reaffirming the desire of further strengthening and developing their economic and commercial relations on the basis of mutual benefit, coupled with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan, the two leaders hereby decided that the governments of the two countries should enter into negotiations on the Mongolia - Japan Economic Partnership Agreement as soon as possible.

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